Friday, 17 February 2012


We are going to Kirkenes. We will visit the Bjørnevatn Mine and meet Pikene på Broen and the Barens Secretariat. More information on content soon...

The cheapest solution for plain tickets is that everybody buys their own tickets on the net. As soon as posible. SAS, Oslo - Kirkenes 7/3 8:55 and SAS, Kirkenes - Oslo 9/7 20:25, you who are over 26 years old must buy economy/low price tickets (they disappear fast) And you who are under 26 years old must buy youht tickets/ungdomsbillett (1420.- kr both ways) Help each other and make sure everybody gets this information. (if the prices you get vary a lot, I suggest that you share the expences as we talked about at school)

Accomondation costs 250 x 2 nights.

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