Saturday, 4 February 2012

Follow the Ore

 World lifestyles shows a dependency of metals and minerals. Analysis of minerals production is needed to predict a trend of minerals demand with respect to supply world requirement. Because of the high demand of metals and minerals, exploration activity of metals and minerals has led to expand the areas including circumpolar area. The presences of ore is needed to be analyzed especially based on the geological processes to give more understanding of minerals distribution in terms of landscape and future exploitation.
This study will discuss how metals and minerals are formed, including ore diagenesis as source of them. Geological framework is used to explain the effect of an early earth (pangaea), plates movement, and other geological processes to understand mineral potential in the world especially in the circumpolar area that predicted having many resources of metals and minerals. Mineral production profiles and world mineral distribution are also used to predict mineral supplies and demands. Last but not least, summary and conclusion are used to help defining perfect landscape of mining exploitation and strategy especially in the circumpolar area.

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