Friday, 3 February 2012

Follow The Flow

We live our lives surrounded by the transformed substance of planet earth’s resources. Very often not even wondering about the compounds’ origins. We are familiar with the final stage output. We know exactly where to get them and how to use them to satisfy our ‘needs’ in a consumers world. We are not so familiar with the beginning of the mineral story. A story so very complex, complexity on complexity flow, economics, politics,hardware and greed is it so difficult to imagine the scale of it? By telling our story can we seek to illuminate the depth of the earth ? A earth that starts and finishes with human need for consumption and exploitation. Destruction, crime, desire, communication, development, dreams, tears.. Imagine the world without objects everywhere around you? What would you do? Where could you go? Every story has its origin, all our material goods are extracted or harvested from the earth crust… Would you like to know more ?

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