Sunday, 25 March 2012

Our studio was presented in lecture for the Mining Industry

On thursday the 22. of March Espen and Knut Eirik gave the opening lecture at the general assembly of Norsk Bergindustri (The association of the Mining Industry). They presented the way into such a master studio, and where the concept came from. Through examples of the students work in the three first themes the Big Picture, the Perforated Landscape and the Multilayered Landscape they guided the crowded audience through the works, ideas and explorations. They presented the double layer of our studio, the twenty lecturers who we have been in so many discussion with, related to the students works. And the portrayed the headlines of the works each student now is deeply into, the Reflections. The National Labour Organisation (Ellen Stensrud) and the Norwegian Industry (Knut Sunde) discussed the role of the mining industry after the lecture. The former one especially related to the upcoming National Mining Strategy.
Hanne Markussen Eek, the head of the board gave a public appraisal for our lecture and our studio works. Our studio is in this way located in the national discourse in this Field of Exploration. The images from this 30 minutes lecture you can see here.

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