Sunday, 11 March 2012

Manifestations from the Sub Surface - on the destiny and effect of two lakes in the heart of Kiruna

The mining process in Kiruna is gradually transforming the landscape; deforming it, cracking and fracturing it; making visual manifestations on the surface of the landscape and telling a slow story of what is going on underneath the ground. Yet, there is more going on underneath the surface, than meets the eye, or indeed the ear; Some of us have heard of the slow draining of the lake of Luossajärvi, transforming it gradually into a bog. Fewer have heard of “the pit” in Malmberget/Gallivare, that is a 50-year-old manifestation of what will take place at an even larger scale in Kiruna in the near future; gradually deforming ground, following the rules of gravity as holes are made further and deeper in the ground than could once be imagined. Only very few of us have heard the story of what is hidden conveniently underneath the surface of two lakes, strategically placed at the centre of the Kiruna-community, as we know it today.

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