Monday, 23 January 2012

Too much of a good thing: The resource curse in developing countries

Senior Editor/Economist Christopher Eads from the Economist Intelligence Unit will give a lecture on Wednesday February 1 at 10 AM. The lecture is titled "Too much of a good thing: The resource curse in developing countries". The term "resource curse" refers to the paradox that countries with large natural resources tends to have low economic growth. Mr Eads will be invited to discuss this phenomena in the light of mineral extraction and also Norway's unique situation as a oil and gas exporter with stable growth and the prospects for keeping it that way. Don't miss this!

The Economist Intelligence Unit is the Economist Group's analyst department providing insight to companies, authorities and decision makers.


  1. Another article on the same theme;

    basically a leaflet on how to use your resources right, bringing in Norway as a positive example when it comes to how we have managed our oil. Based on their checklist of how to make it right, we should be able to do it a second time with mining and minerals too

  2. Is Norway necessarly a perfect example on how to manage oil resources?
    Is the northern part of Norway experiencing a"resource curse" as other developing countries do?
    Just asking. Looking forward to follow your blog!