Monday, 16 January 2012

Workshop with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On the second day of our studio, Tore Tanum from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs took part in our all day workshop at AHO. With his long experience in the Ministry he took us on a travel over many years, unfolding a series of aspects related to borders and border crossing on all levels - mainly related to all kinds of cultural interchange and exchange. He presented a broad carpet of the continously evolving relationship to Russia. In the second part of the workshop he discussed the dimension of the indeginous people in the four countries, also touching on Greenland. He pointed to the upcoming conference in Alta with Indeginous TV Companies that discusses all sides of their rights to communicate in their own language, and he was also naming Karasjok as a world information bank in this media context. More to come from this interesting day with the Foreign Ministry.

Photo: Students, teachers with Tore Tanum