Friday, 20 April 2012

Images of Exploration

Images from the two days of presentations for the final critique.

Final Critique, day 1: Introduction by Knut Eirik Dahl and Kjerstin Uhre

Xin Su: The Next Station Is ... Arctic!!

Irene Crowo Nielsen: DRILL DRILL DRILL...

In the audience, Patrycja and Irene 

Kjerstin and Espen planning ahead

 Ingrid Aas: Scars and masses

 Patrycja Perkiewicz: Cross-Border Mining

 Jingyuan Hu: Opportunity out of Extreme

Knut Eirik Dahl

Kit Ting Karie, Xin and Jingyuan

John Palmesino from Territorial Agency

Francisco Rodriguez Saa: Cross-Border Stories in Kvalsund

 Annabel Danson: Mineopolis

Opening day 2 of the Final Critique, Annisa Solihah: Upgrading Svalbard!

 Mathilde Grellier: Mine & City of Mine VS City 

 Hao Liang: The Northern Mining Landscape --- Type/Transformation/Reuse

Ann-Sofi Rönnskog and John Palmesino from Territorial Agency, with Knut Eirik Dahl

 Kari Havnevik: Chasing Endorsement? 

 Kit Ting Karie Yu: Kiruna on the move

Linn is warming up the crowd. Espen Røyseland and Øystein Rø in front to the right

Almost there..

Knut Eirik and Kjerstin 

Linn Riise Handal: Hidden Complexity of the Northern Landscape

Hanne Johnsrud: Confrontation Ahead

And that was the wrap of day two. 
Thanks to lecturers, professors, critiques and students for a great exploration.

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